An Update on my beautiful girl

She recently had a follow up CT scan at St Georges and got the all clear. Her surviving Right kidney is functioning normally and there is no evidence of cancer spread. She has a few pulmonary ( lung) nodules but they were present on the first CT scan 8 months ago and look unchanged. I’m so pleased and thankful we got to her in time and hopefully she will live a long, healthy life with us all….in fact I’m hoping she’s still around when the boys have left the nest! ( gosh that could be in 7 years).

She is the perfect patient at St Georges and she’s loved by the staff in Radiology. Anyone that knows Lola knows how intelligent she is – she knows what we want her to do and where she needs to be! A CT scan is a quick and easy process and yields lots of results.

So for now we can all breathe easy knowing she’ll be OK. A huge relief for us all. Thanks so much to all the many thoughtful clients of the Practice who always ask after Lola and I know wish her well. It feels good to know she’s loved by many.

Dr Michele McMaster