Winter 2016 Newsletter

Hi to all our loyal supporters, feline and canine included. The wet, cold weather of Winter is upon us suddenly – I was getting used to the warm, pretty windless days of Autumn.

The past few weeks have been chaotic and busy, with many difficult challenging cases that require a lot of care and attention by everyone. Special mention goes to our nurses and vets who have gone beyond the call of duty in staying late, working so hard and helping with some very intensive tricky cases that required a whole team effort.

Steve has blood transfused 2 young dogs this week who were both trying to die ( a Hungarian Visla with rat bait poisoning and an Airedale with acute kidney disease among other things). Miraculously both have fully recovered – an outstanding end to the week and I think we all feel on a high because both seemed impossible cases to pull through, but we all did it.

Catherine is enjoying a long overdue 5 week holiday with her family touring Europe and the UK. She is greatly missed but we know she needs a holiday away where she can rest, relax, read, shop and forget about cases for a while. We will be ecstatic to see her back though.

Sara ( vet) and Dale welcomed a gorgeous little baby girl “Alexia” into their family in April. She just eats, sleeps and looks so content. She is a special sister to Riley and Xavier. Sara has a well deserved 4 month maternity leave break and will continue her hours with us from August 2016. Sara is doing the odd weekend so if any of her special clients want to see her, please ring for an appointment.

We are so fortunate to welcome a new vet “Kirsty” into the McMaster & Heap family. She has been outstanding, coming in on days off to save patients and Kirsty has picked up our ultrasound work while Catherine is away.

On the tennis front, our older boys are working hard and continuing to pursue their dreams on the tennis court. Connor starts at Berkeley, San Francisco in August and Dylan has just represented NZL in the Junior Davis Cup in New Delhi. Both headed to Amsterdam for a stint on clay. Im off to Fiji with Dylan soon for a couple of ITFs. Life doesn’t stop but its all good.

Wishing you all well. You k now where we are if you need us for anything. We are there always to help your four legged friends.

Stay healthy and happy.

Dr Michele McMaster