ultrasoundcatherbGE Vivid T8 Ultrasound Machine

We recently have upgraded our ultrasound machine to the latest human machine on the market. This machine has colour flow Doppler, ECG and can be used to accurately assess abdominal organs , pregnancy diagnosis, ocular ultrasound, musculoskeletal abnormalities and cardiac ultrasound. Ultrasound often determines if a patient needs to be taken to surgery. It is painless, often requires no sedative and yields accurate results quickly.

Your pet is NOT anaesthetized but usually sedated to enable Catherine Morganti to scan on a still, calm patient. This procedure is quick, painless and gives us immediate answers. If an abnormal mass is visualized on the screen, we are able to Fine Needle Aspirate some tissue for analysis at a laboratory, sent that day.

Sometimes emergency, life saving surgery is the direct result of information seen on an ultrasound – ie a bleeding abdominal mass, stomach torsion, ruptured bladder or spleen, a perforated intestinal loop etc.

Ultrasound in OUR Practice is most commonly used for :

  • Diagnosing HEART disease – congenital or acquired
  • Visualizing ABDOMINAL organs for signs of abnormality namely the liver, gall bladder, kidneys, adrenal glands, bladder, spleen, stomach, intestines, ovaries.
  • PREGNANCY diagnosis
  • Checking for OCULAR ( eye) masses and retinal detachment, Sampling of diseased or enlarged organs.

Please ring the clinic to discuss ultrasound examinations. They are non painful, quick and can provide quick, clear answers as to disease status in your pet.