Lola Update May 2017

Lola is dong superbly at the moment. I tested her kidney function a week ago and everything was well within normal limits.
She has just spent 3 weeks in Whangarei while we were on holiday and she enjoyed swims and long beach walks twice daily. We have a new ginger kitten “ Maximus” and the 2 of them play nonstop all evening, chasing and playing hide and seek.
She is still a regular attendant at the clinic and she loves all the attention she gets from everyone…and pigs ears of course.

Lola’s Blog May 2016

Glad to report Lola is going great guns – she is healthy, happy and her paws have been great. Her recent blood and urine tests have been normal. She’s been running up in the Port Hills with Steve and loving it.

An Update on my beautiful girl

She recently had a follow up CT scan at St Georges and got the all clear. Her surviving Right kidney is functioning normally and there is no evidence of cancer spread. She has a few pulmonary ( lung) nodules but they were present on the first CT scan 8 months ago and look unchanged. I’m so pleased and thankful we got to her in time and hopefully she will live a long, healthy life with us all….in fact I’m hoping she’s still around when the boys have left the nest! ( gosh that could be in 7 years).

She is the perfect patient at St Georges and she’s loved by the staff in Radiology. Anyone that knows Lola knows how intelligent she is – she knows what we want her to do and where she needs to be! A CT scan is a quick and easy process and yields lots of results.

So for now we can all breathe easy knowing she’ll be OK. A huge relief for us all. Thanks so much to all the many thoughtful clients of the Practice who always ask after Lola and I know wish her well. It feels good to know she’s loved by many.

Dr Michele McMaster

Lola’s Bog – January 2016

Recently Lola enjoyed a summer holiday in Oakara, Bay of Islands. No family holiday is as good without our girl. Apart from 90 minutes of nervousness caged in cargo on the plane ( Lola is NEVER caged normally), and then a long wait at Auckland airport as Budget Rentals decided they didn’t want a dog travelling in their vehicle ( after we had already checked that they accepted dogs!), the 7 days of beach and family fun was so worth it.

Lola’s feet benefitted from continuous frolicking in salty water and her favourite pastime was jumping and riding in on the waves with her brothers, as well as feasting on fresh fish!

She is such a pleasure to have around and enhances all of our lives. Here’s to many more family holidays up in the far North. Only 7 days this year….not quite enough for Lola, thanks to the tennis.