At McMaster and Heap we can offer expert advice and up to date knowledge on a number of services, Petware and Masterpet products and diets on our shelves. Our staff  have regular training onsite for everything we recommend and if they don’t know the answer to your question, they will find it out for you.


We recommend and stock Eukanuba for Dogs and Iams for cats and Hills Science Diet for cats and dogs. We stock some of the Royal Canin cat food range, and we now stock the Orijen/Acana cat and dog food range – a grain free option, high in protein, often good for the fussy eater and dogs with active lifestyles or skin conditions.  We have just started stocking some of the K9 Natural range of tinned foods and freeze dried kibble to add on top of the diets.  We also have the complete range of PRESCRIPTION Hills Science diet and most of the ROYAL CANIN prescription range.  If you have a particular favourite food, we will be able to order it in especially for your pet.


We stock a fun, vibrant, safe, interactive range of toys for your special friends that come highly recommended. We also stock grooming equipment; leads, collars, halti’s and harnesses; dental accessories; bedding and bowls; treats and shampoos and much more. If we haven’t got what you want, we can order it in.


We just about have the complete range of FLEA products for your cat and dog. Every client has their preference for either liquids applied to the back of the neck or chewable tablets fed and whether you require a monthly or 3 monthly application. All are excellent, reliable and keep parasites off your pets and out of your homes. We also stock reliable trusted wormers – also available in a liver/chocolate chewable option for the fussy pet. For your convenience we also have a combined flea/worm treatment.

We also stock the complete range of pheromone diffusers, sprays and collars (DAP and Feliway) for your cat or dog who suffer from separation anxiety, travel sickness or general behavioural/socialization problems.