Veterinarians and Practice Owners

Dr Steve Heap  BVSc.  CertVOphthal
Dr Michele McMaster   BVSc. 

Steve Heap and Michele McMaster are the proud owners of McMaster & Heap, hence where the name came from. Purchased on April fools day 1999, it turned out to be the best decision we ever made. Twenty four years on, Steve and I still love being veterinarians every day. It’s a real privilege solving problems, for clients and their pets. Plus running a large business of 30+ staff brings Steve and I huge enjoyment and personal satisfaction. We work with an exceptional, talented, hard working bunch of awesome staff we regard as family. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Michele graduated in 1990, Steve in 1992 from Massey Vet School. Those five years spent studying and forming lifelong friendships are some of our best memories. We spent two great years in the UK travelling and gaining invaluable veterinary experience. Steve gained his Certificate in Veterinary Ophthalmology whilst in the UK. Michele grew up in Christchurch and eventually wanted to return home. An opportunity came up to purchase what was then “Rozens Vet Clinic”, so Steve and I jumped in boots and all. A decision we have never regretted.

Our best achievements are our three sons. Our theory behind owning our own business was so we wouldn’t miss out on anything the boys were doing. As it turns out, we both have been our boys biggest fans, with at least one of us cheering on from the sidelines.

Connor (25) has recently graduated as a Companion Animal Veterinarian and has started his working life as an Intern at VSA in Auckland, working and learning alongside our best specialist veterinarians. His tennis has taken a back seat as he focuses solely on his veterinary career and deciding his path, which hopefully includes working at MMH one day.

Dylan (22) lives in Houston, studying and playing tennis for Rice University. Dylan has been in the US for 4 years now, loves his tennis and is studying Economics and Finance. He has enrolled in a Masters programme which will give him 3 more years of eligibility working in the US.

Our baby, Isaac (18) has just left home to study at Melbourne University, a triple major in English, Economics and Political Science. Isaacs career path will be diverse, adventurous and interesting. Isaacs other interests include Speech and Drama, Debating and Baristing.

Officially now “empty nesters” (dislike this phrase) although we still live with 4 furries that keep us entertained, fit and amused.

  • Lola, our beautiful, emotionally intelligent, extremely loyal 13.5 year old black lab x huntaway
  • Macy, our gorgeous, playful 3 year old black lab
  • Maximus, our large, inactive middle aged ginger DSH cat
  • Atticus, our intellectual, handsome Mandalay kitten

Steve and I will always welcome new clients and their pets. We cater for people from all walks of life. Treating and caring for your pets with respect, kindness and utilising our training and skills is our main aim.

We will never be corporatised. We are all about upskilling, providing new, improved services and listening to the needs of our staff and clients.

If you have any queries regarding becoming a client of ours please reach out to us personally.

Kind Regards

Michele & Steve