In House Laboratory McMaster HeapIn House laboratory

We have a complete Idexx In House Laboratory suite.  The majority of blood tests are run on site, but we also do send bloods off to external labs – namely Gribbles and NZVP.  We can run in house haematology, biochemistry and electrolyte testing with the results in under 20 minutes.  We also have a microscope which is useful for examining cytology of blood smears, urine sediments and ear, skin, fecal and vaginal slides.

We promote “Pre-Anaesthetic blood testing”, especially in an elderly patient to ensure all the internal organs are in good working order before your pet undergoes an anaesthetic.

We are also able to do individual blood tests i.e. Fructosamine (useful in diabetic patients), SDMA (detects early renal disease), Phenobarbitone (to monitor seizure patients), Thyroid function, Bile acids (liver function), CK (muscle enzyme activity), CRP (inflammatory marker), Feline Aids and Feline Leukemia virus testing, pancreatic lipase in cats and dogs and urine protein:creatinine ratios.

Reliable diagnostics are the key for us to reliably and quickly diagnose disease, enabling us to treat promptly.