ICU Monitoring PhotoICU and Monitoring

Many of our sick medical cases require intensive care over several days which requires careful close observation by us all, IVF therapy delivered by a pump, nutritional feeding via oesophageal tube or syringing, the giving of various medications at set times, keeping warm, some require ventilation and all need an abundance of TLC.

At McMaster & Heap we pride ourselves on providing and delivering the best possible care and attention so that your pet fully recovers in a warm, comfortable, hygienic environment.

We provide a variety of foods to meet your pets nutritional requirements.  We can set up oxygen cages if required.  Visiting hours can be scheduled in quieter parts of our working day.

We monitor all your pets vitals and record all observations through our new SMARTFLOW monitoring system, which is transmitted on to a TV screen in the treatment area.  Your pet is assigned a cage and photo and an alarm bell goes off it any test, treatment or procedure is due.

Towards the end of the year, with the completion of the new extension, we will have separate cat and dog ICU facilities.