Summer 2016



I must say it has been a busy start to the year with Steve and myself working right through. Our Bay of Islands holiday is looming nearer and Steve is currently in Wellington with Dylan, who is competing in the NZL 16’s tennis Nationals. So far so good! Dylan has 3 weeks of International ITF tournaments after the Nationals, so I think he’ll be pleased to start back in the classroom. Connor won the NZL 18’s nationals singles and doubles titles and the Wanaka Men’s Open. He’s having a month off now and then he’ll be back into competitions overseas, before starting his US College experience in August.

Fortunately this summer we haven’t seen many bone blockages or chocolate poisinings. A lot of sick patients though – I guess sickness doesn’t stop for Christmas. Many of our staff have also had no break and have been fabulous and reliable and have worked hard through this holiday period. A big thanks goes out to all of them.

Lola has been terrific – heaps of energy, ofcourse eating well and she looks magnificent as usual. She is coming up to the beach with us, although she hates flying. I dose her up with anti-nausea pills and Calmex ( which is a blend of B vitamins) and she’s loads better. She literally spends all day in the sea with the boys, rock jumps, rides in boats and sea kayaks and loves burying herself in the sand. The two flights are worth the fun she has up North.

Congratulations are in order for Sonya’s Labrador “Dart”, who gave birth to 7 healthy, utterly gorgeous little puppies on January 11th. Can’t wait for a cuddle. Apparently Dart isn’t a natural mamma and wants Sonya with her 24/7 to help out. It would be fair to say Sonya is exhausted!

Enjoy the rest of the holidays and our summer. Please feel free to call up anytime for advice. We are only too willing to help.

Best wishes

Michele, Steve and Lola