24 March 2020

Update from Michele and Steve.

We are thankfully classified as an Essential service therefore we will still be open to care for all our very precious patients.
We will need to change the way we see you though to minimise our exposure so in the next 24 hours I will be writing up our plan for the next month to keep you informed.
We will see emergencies and sick patients. Clients will need to call the clinic from their cars once in our carpark to check in and our nurses will collect your pet. Vets will do phone consults with you to determine a history, we will examine your pet, treat as required and either return to you or admit depending on the problem.
Elective work will have to be postponed. I will classify later what these are.
Drug medications and food sales will still go ahead and we will bring out to you in our carpark. We will have a mobile eftpos terminal in place for payments
Due to our large staff of 26 we can split into two teams – one team on 4 days and the other 3 days. These teams won’t have contact with one another. This will still enable us to care for our patients should one team fall sick or become exposed. Hopefully this won’t happen.
We are here if you need us for anything.
Let’s not panic and let’s all give our beautiful pets extra hugs and love and walks over the coming weeks.
Tough times calls for kindness and compassion towards others. Everyone stay healthy and safe.