Cat Medicine ReferralKate Arnold, our resident clinician, has recently gained extra qualifications in “Feline Medicine”, and has a strong passion, skill set and interest in all ‘cat’ related medical and surgical diseases.

Kate will see our primary patients with issues that require more of a diagnostic work up and also referrals from other clinics specifically for feline issues. Kate also looks after the intensive care hospitalised patients, formulating changing treatment plans and liaising with vets and owners as necessary. Kate’s care and attention to detail and dedicated research on each individual case is only of high quality. Her appointments may be longer and she will confer with feline specialists if the need arises.

We are fully equipped with a full in house laboratory and the necessary equipment to handle any feline related health crisis.

If you need some extra advice with your furry friend, please don’t hesitate to book an appointment with Kate, who would be only too pleased to have a look at the case.