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Lola Update May 2017

Lola is dong superbly at the moment. I tested her kidney function a week ago and everything was well within normal limits. She has just spent 3 weeks in Whangarei while we were on holiday and she enjoyed swims and long beach walks twice daily. We have a new ginger kitten “ Maximus” and the 2 […]

Lola’s Blog May 2016

Glad to report Lola is going great guns – she is healthy, happy and her paws have been great. Her recent blood and urine tests have been normal. She’s been running up in the Port Hills with Steve and loving it.

Winter 2016 Newsletter

Hi to all our loyal supporters, feline and canine included. The wet, cold weather of Winter is upon us suddenly – I was getting used to the warm, pretty windless days of Autumn. The past few weeks have been chaotic and busy, with many difficult challenging cases that require a lot of care and attention […]

An Update on my beautiful girl

She recently had a follow up CT scan at St Georges and got the all clear. Her surviving Right kidney is functioning normally and there is no evidence of cancer spread. She has a few pulmonary ( lung) nodules but they were present on the first CT scan 8 months ago and look unchanged. I’m […]

Lola’s Bog – January 2016

Recently Lola enjoyed a summer holiday in Oakara, Bay of Islands. No family holiday is as good without our girl. Apart from 90 minutes of nervousness caged in cargo on the plane ( Lola is NEVER caged normally), and then a long wait at Auckland airport as Budget Rentals decided they didn’t want a dog […]

Summer 2016

NEWSFEED – Summer HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE. I must say it has been a busy start to the year with Steve and myself working right through. Our Bay of Islands holiday is looming nearer and Steve is currently in Wellington with Dylan, who is competing in the NZL 16’s tennis Nationals. So far so good! […]

Spring 2015 Newsletter

SPRING 2015 UPDATE   Finally had to escape to Westport to get some much needed sun and rest. Left behind stormy weather, rain and temperatures below 10 degrees in September to head into sunshine, peace, bush and cloudless days in Westport. The boys have trained on the court and in the gym, Steve has tramped […]