Spring 2015 Newsletter



Finally had to escape to Westport to get some much needed sun and rest. Left behind stormy weather, rain and temperatures below 10 degrees in September to head into sunshine, peace, bush and cloudless days in Westport. The boys have trained on the court and in the gym, Steve has tramped or mountain biked the ranges everyday, Lola has swam in the sea and explored the rugged beaches and walking tracks and Isaac and myself have read, visited family here and recovered after being unwell. I can definitely recommend Westport as a quiet, relaxing holiday spot with an action packed outdoors activities.


Lola has finished 4 rounds of chemotherapy, 3 weeks apart, and has handled these very potent drugs excellently. She knows exactly what happens and she just accepts the whole deal- lots of needles drawing bloods and giving drugs, oral medications that don’t taste too good, feeling not great for a short time, occasional diarrhoea….she knows we want to save her badly and she wants to live! Hopefully we have beaten this damn horrible disease.


Have had a busy few months recently with nurse engagements, new first home purchases, pregnancy’s on the horizon, and lots of challenging cases to keep us busy. We have a new vet Janine coming in weekly to handle our restorative dentistry cases ( ie Root canal therapy, fractured teeth etc). Janine will be able to assess your pet’s dental emergency in a consultation and recommend the desired therapy. Steve and I are very excited to be able to offer this service and have outlaid the equipment needed to repair and save teeth. You can go to the staff page and read Janine’s blurb.


Recently our sons Connor and Dylan have celebrated tennis success in NZL. Connor won the U18 ITF held in Auckland and Dylan just got 3rd in the U16 NZL Masters. Connor is playing Premier Interclub tennis in Auckland ( Carobowl), Wellington and Christchurch every weekend so is clocking up the air miles. Connor and Dylan will play the NZL Residentials and 18s Nationals and Connor will be hoping for a wildcard to the Heineken Open. Let the summer of tennis begin.


Just a reminder to get you pets Annual Health Examinations and Vaccinations up to date before they have to spend time in boarding facilities over the summer vacation. At this time of the year, flea and worm control being up to date is also of vital importance to keep your special friend parasite free.


Enjoy the lead up to Christmas.

Hope to be seeing many of you soon

Michele and Lola